New trumpet guide

Q: What pro quality trumpet should I buy? A: This is an essay that started its life as a handout that I gave my students (and, more importantly, the parents of my students) who were looking to upgrade from a beginner’s horn. I fatigued of repeating the same information, or worse, repeating half of the … Continue reading “New trumpet guide”

Other Exercises

Other Exercises from Schilke Lessons These exercises were reported by Tommy Loy (now deceased), of Dallas, Texas, from a lesson he had with Ren Schilke in 1961. Tommy was famous for playing the Star Spangled Banner on his Schilke B1 before the coin toss of every Dallas Cowboy’s home game during the Tom Landry years. … Continue reading “Other Exercises”


Schilke Trumpets from 1956 to 1961 Though Schilke Music Products, Inc., has been in business making trumpets and cornets since 1956, the current model line and serial number sequence begin in 1961. Prior to that time, Schilke made trumpets which clearly show the design principles incorporated into the later horns (lightweight materials, reverse leadpipe, minimal … Continue reading “Miscellaneous”

Bell and slide options

Bell, slide and finish options¬† ¬†Schilke Bells The company offers eight different sizes of bells. Originally the bells were given letters (e.g., “A,” “B,” “C,” with “A” being the largest). In about 1982 the bells were redesignated with numbers, starting with “1” as the largest, but many people (including me in this site) continue to … Continue reading “Bell and slide options”

Auction Survey

Used Schilke Auction Price Survey Information compiled through November 13, 2005. What follows is a compendium of the auction results from e-Bay commencing November 1, 2004, at the top of the list, to the most recent, at the bottom. While this is not the last word in determining the value of used Schilke trumpets, it … Continue reading “Auction Survey”


Schilke Cornets Schilke makes eight cornet models. All are traditional shepherd’s crook design, with two models even shorter; five are in B flat, two are in C, and one is in the key of E flat. With the exception of the E flat, which is particularly popular among the brass bands in England, these horns … Continue reading “Cornets”

C trumpets

Schilke C Trumpets Schilke C trumpets have never reached the popularity of Schilke B flats and are rarely found in larger orchestras. The number of each model made, with the exception of the C5, remains annually in the single digits. The Schilke C trumpets have a transparent brilliant sound, and are more commonly found in … Continue reading “C trumpets”

B flat trumpets

Schilke B flat Trumpets¬† A note about the irrelevance of bore size: The trumpets are here grouped according to bore size for primarily arbitrary reasons. It makes more sense than grouping them numerically. The bore size is significant only relatively between various Schilke horns, and isn’t much use in comparing Schilke horns with the products … Continue reading “B flat trumpets”

Quantity and Quality

Schilke Quality and Quantity Schilke Music Products, Inc., is a small limited production manufacturer of high quality trumpets, cornets and brass mouthpieces, located in greater Chicago, Illinois. They advertise their trumpets as “custom made.” This is essentially true. The horns are not made by the company until the order is received from the retailer. They … Continue reading “Quantity and Quality”

From the author

This site is in no way authorized by or associated with Schilke Musical Products, Inc. The information, opinions, and comments contained herein are the sole responsibility of the author and not of Schilke Musical Products, Inc., except for the obvious quotations from company brochures and the writings of Renold Schilke. Up until July 1999, Schilke … Continue reading “From the author”