Guide to Piccolo trumpets

Q: What piccolo trumpet should I buy? A: I’ve attempted, rather than to describe in detail the specifications and features of each horn, to link, where possible, this page with the manufacturers’ page for each of the horns. Some manufacturers have made linking directly to the individual horn impossible, with various interlaced frames and all, … Continue reading “Guide to Piccolo trumpets”

Aftermarket Products

Aftermarket Products for Schilke Trumpets and Cornets Several manufacturers make and market specific products designed to modify or enhance the performance of Schilke trumpets. At this point, what follows are the manufacturers’ descriptions. I am always open minded and it is my hope to be able to try at least some of these products and … Continue reading “Aftermarket Products”

Bell and slide options

Bell, slide and finish options   Schilke Bells The company offers eight different sizes of bells. Originally the bells were given letters (e.g., “A,” “B,” “C,” with “A” being the largest). In about 1982 the bells were redesignated with numbers, starting with “1” as the largest, but many people (including me in this site) continue to … Continue reading “Bell and slide options”

Auction Survey

Used Schilke Auction Price Survey Information compiled through November 13, 2005. What follows is a compendium of the auction results from e-Bay commencing November 1, 2004, at the top of the list, to the most recent, at the bottom. While this is not the last word in determining the value of used Schilke trumpets, it … Continue reading “Auction Survey”

Piccolo Trumpets

Schilke Piccolo Trumpets Schilke built its first piccolo in September of 1966, without a model number and simply called The Piccolo Trumpet. For a picture of the early three valve version, click here. Over the years, many prototype and custom instruments have been made, with various model numbers (including P1, P2, P3, P5, and P8) … Continue reading “Piccolo Trumpets”

Small trumpets

Schilke Small Trumpets Aside from the piccolo trumpets, Schilke makes five smaller trumpets variously designed to play in the keys of D, E natural, E flat, F and G. These horns are the standard in the industry and are responsible, in many ways, for the high reputation of Schilke trumpets in the United States and … Continue reading “Small trumpets”


Schilke Cornets Schilke makes eight cornet models. All are traditional shepherd’s crook design, with two models even shorter; five are in B flat, two are in C, and one is in the key of E flat. With the exception of the E flat, which is particularly popular among the brass bands in England, these horns … Continue reading “Cornets”

B flat trumpets

Schilke B flat Trumpets  A note about the irrelevance of bore size: The trumpets are here grouped according to bore size for primarily arbitrary reasons. It makes more sense than grouping them numerically. The bore size is significant only relatively between various Schilke horns, and isn’t much use in comparing Schilke horns with the products … Continue reading “B flat trumpets”

Quantity and Quality

Schilke Quality and Quantity Schilke Music Products, Inc., is a small limited production manufacturer of high quality trumpets, cornets and brass mouthpieces, located in greater Chicago, Illinois. They advertise their trumpets as “custom made.” This is essentially true. The horns are not made by the company until the order is received from the retailer. They … Continue reading “Quantity and Quality”


James F. Donaldson (1953-2017) a.k.a. “The Schilke Loyalist”  used to run a Schilke Loyalist website housed on Many trumpeters, myself included, miss Jim and his website. Thus, I have tried to recreate his website from what is stored at to provide a safe permanent haven for Jim’s work. By using a modern (wordpress) interface, all … Continue reading “Home”