Schilke Trumpets from 1956 to 1961 Though Schilke Music Products, Inc., has been in business making trumpets and cornets since 1956, the current model line and serial number sequence begin in 1961. Prior to that time, Schilke made trumpets which clearly show the design principles incorporated into the later horns (lightweight materials, reverse leadpipe, minimal … Continue reading “Miscellaneous”

Auction Survey

Used Schilke Auction Price Survey Information compiled through November 13, 2005. What follows is a compendium of the auction results from e-Bay commencing November 1, 2004, at the top of the list, to the most recent, at the bottom. While this is not the last word in determining the value of used Schilke trumpets, it … Continue reading “Auction Survey”


Schilke Cornets Schilke makes eight cornet models. All are traditional shepherd’s crook design, with two models even shorter; five are in B flat, two are in C, and one is in the key of E flat. With the exception of the E flat, which is particularly popular among the brass bands in England, these horns … Continue reading “Cornets”


James F. Donaldson (1953-2017) a.k.a. “The Schilke Loyalist”  used to run a Schilke Loyalist website housed on Dallasmusic.org. Many trumpeters, myself included, miss Jim and his website. Thus, I have tried to recreate his website from what is stored at web.archive.org to provide a safe permanent haven for Jim’s work. By using a modern (wordpress) interface, all … Continue reading “Home”