Pulling mouthpieces

 Q: Is there anything I can do to remove a stuck mouthpiece, without hurting my horn, before I take it to the repairman? A: Editor’s note: Lots of people damage their horns and mouthpieces trying to remove a stuck mouthpiece. The safest course is taking it to the repairman or music store and letting them … Continue reading “Pulling mouthpieces”

Mouthpiece throat size

Q: Should I have the throat of my mouthpiece enlarged? A: Editor’s note: What follows below, at least until the next horizontal line, was provided by Scott Laskey, and edited by me. Scott Laskey was the mouthpiece maker at Schilke for over twenty years and one of the nation’s foremost experts in mouthpiece design and … Continue reading “Mouthpiece throat size”

Your second mouthpiece

 Q: What mouthpiece should I get after my faithful 7C? A: This is an essay I give to my students who have played for a couple of years, are starting to progress, and are a bit limited by playing the mouthpiece that came with their horn. I know that more than a couple of teachers … Continue reading “Your second mouthpiece”

Mouthpiece Placement

Q: What is the “correct” placement on the chops for the trumpet mouthpiece? A: The correct mouthpiece placement is the one where you sound the best and are most comfortable. If one looks about, he sees successful players playing nearly all over their faces. A quick example or two: Wynton Marsalis and Tom Harrell seem … Continue reading “Mouthpiece Placement”

Mouthpiece Dimensions

Dimensional Characteristics of Brass Mouthpiecesby Renold O. Schilke  Editor’s note: This article was published originally in The Instrumentalist for November-December 1952, and subsequently anthologized in Brass Anthology, a book containing articles in the magazine’s archives from 1946 to 1974. I am indebted to Matt Carey for providing me a transcription of the article and the … Continue reading “Mouthpiece Dimensions”

Selecting Mouthpieces

 How to Select a Brass Mouthpieceby Renold O. Schilke From the Schilke mouthpiece brochure The importance of a superior brass mouthpiece can scarcely be overstated. Many directors and teachers of brass, not to mention their students, have strong convictions about the brand name of the instrument used but tend to neglect the importance of the … Continue reading “Selecting Mouthpieces”

Schilke Mouthpieces

Schilke Trumpet Mouthpieces  Schilke makes a wide variety and large number of stock mouthpieces, all of which are included the chart below. They are readily available and are remarkably inexpensive given their consistency and quality. They make stock mouthpieces to fit cornet, trumpet, euphonium, and tuba. Schilke also does fine custom mouthpiece work, some of … Continue reading “Schilke Mouthpieces”

Mouthpiece labeling

Schilke Mouthpiece Labeling System from the Schilke mouthpiece brochure  Editor’s note: The Schilke mouthpiece labeling system was invented and developed by Will Scarlett, one of the first employees of Schilke Music Products, Inc. He worked primarily in the office until he secured a position in the trumpet section of the Chicago Symphony, where he played … Continue reading “Mouthpiece labeling”

Dealing with Braces

 Q: Now that I have braces, what do I do? A: First, adjust your attitude. You come home with braces. They feel funny in your mouth and your teeth hurt. You’ve heard the terrible rumors. You can’t imagine playing the trumpet with your mouth the way it is. Your teeth just hurt too much. A … Continue reading “Dealing with Braces”

Emptying Water

 Q: How do I empty all the water from my trumpet without using the spit valves? A: 1. Hold trumpet as normal; 2. Tilt 90 degrees to the left (i.e., counter clockwise) so that the valves are horizontal, with the valve buttons pointing to your left; 3. Angle the bell up a few degrees; 4. … Continue reading “Emptying Water”