Mouthpiece throat size

Q: Should I have the throat of my mouthpiece enlarged? A: Editor’s note: What follows below, at least until the next horizontal line, was provided by Scott Laskey, and edited by me. Scott Laskey was the mouthpiece maker at Schilke for over twenty years and one of the nation’s foremost experts in mouthpiece design and … Continue reading “Mouthpiece throat size”

Your second mouthpiece

 Q: What mouthpiece should I get after my faithful 7C? A: This is an essay I give to my students who have played for a couple of years, are starting to progress, and are a bit limited by playing the mouthpiece that came with their horn. I know that more than a couple of teachers … Continue reading “Your second mouthpiece”

Mouthpiece Placement

Q: What is the “correct” placement on the chops for the trumpet mouthpiece? A: The correct mouthpiece placement is the one where you sound the best and are most comfortable. If one looks about, he sees successful players playing nearly all over their faces. A quick example or two: Wynton Marsalis and Tom Harrell seem … Continue reading “Mouthpiece Placement”

Practice Mute Survey

  Q: But what about all the ‘regular’ practice mutes out there? A: Editor’s note: What follows is an evaluation of various practice mutes made by Bill Dishman, a middle school teacher and fine trumpet player in Gainesville, Florida. It was originally made available on TPIN, the trumpet player’s mailing list, but I thought it … Continue reading “Practice Mute Survey”

Silent Brass FAQ

Q: What is the deal with the Yamaha Silent Brass? A: People feel differently about the Silent Brass depending on their circumstances and budget. Many people find it the perfect piece of equipment–it allows them to practice, in moderation, without disturbing a) their spouses or others who share their intimate spaces; b) their sleeping wee … Continue reading “Silent Brass FAQ”

Trumpet Student Christmas

Q: What do I give a trumpet student for Christmas? A: Once upon a time, the mom of one of my students asked me what she could get her son for Christmas that would be “trumpet related.” That question grew into a handout which I passed out each Christmas to those who similarly inquired. It … Continue reading “Trumpet Student Christmas”

Pocket trumpets

  Q: I love those cute little pocket trumpets–should I get one? A: A note about pricing: The prices here quoted are those drawn from the web sites of the large volume retail discount music stores such as the Woodwind and the Brasswind, Music 123, andGiardinelli. I have often rounded up to the nearest round … Continue reading “Pocket trumpets”

Guide to Piccolo trumpets

Q: What piccolo trumpet should I buy? A: I’ve attempted, rather than to describe in detail the specifications and features of each horn, to link, where possible, this page with the manufacturers’ page for each of the horns. Some manufacturers have made linking directly to the individual horn impossible, with various interlaced frames and all, … Continue reading “Guide to Piccolo trumpets”

Flugelhorn Guide

 Q: What flugelhorn should I buy? A: I have attempted, rather than to describe in detail the specifications of each horn, to link where possible this page with the manufacturer’s page for each of the horns. Occasionally the web site will not have separate URL’s for individual pages but will require a search for the … Continue reading “Flugelhorn Guide”

Student trumpets

  Q: Yeah, but my kid is just starting out, what kind of horn should I get him? A: If you are unsure that the kid is going to stick with the horn for at least a year, it might make sense to go with the local music store’s rental program, preferably on a Yamaha … Continue reading “Student trumpets”