Piccolo Trumpets

Schilke Piccolo Trumpets Schilke built its first piccolo in September of 1966, without a model number and simply called The Piccolo Trumpet. For a picture of the early three valve version, click here. Over the years, many prototype and custom instruments have been made, with various model numbers (including P1, P2, P3, P5, and P8) … Continue reading “Piccolo Trumpets”

B flat trumpets

Schilke B flat Trumpets  A note about the irrelevance of bore size: The trumpets are here grouped according to bore size for primarily arbitrary reasons. It makes more sense than grouping them numerically. The bore size is significant only relatively between various Schilke horns, and isn’t much use in comparing Schilke horns with the products … Continue reading “B flat trumpets”

Quantity and Quality

Schilke Quality and Quantity Schilke Music Products, Inc., is a small limited production manufacturer of high quality trumpets, cornets and brass mouthpieces, located in greater Chicago, Illinois. They advertise their trumpets as “custom made.” This is essentially true. The horns are not made by the company until the order is received from the retailer. They … Continue reading “Quantity and Quality”

Biography and Background

History and Background Renold Otto Schilke, Sr., was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 30, 1910, to a musical family. His father was a singer and his mother an organist, and Renold began studying cornet at age eight. He was a soloist with the Holton factory band, otherwise a band made up of adults, … Continue reading “Biography and Background”

From the author

This site is in no way authorized by or associated with Schilke Musical Products, Inc. The information, opinions, and comments contained herein are the sole responsibility of the author and not of Schilke Musical Products, Inc., except for the obvious quotations from company brochures and the writings of Renold Schilke. Up until July 1999, Schilke … Continue reading “From the author”


James F. Donaldson (1953-2017) a.k.a. “The Schilke Loyalist”  used to run a Schilke Loyalist website housed on Dallasmusic.org. Many trumpeters, myself included, miss Jim and his website. Thus, I have tried to recreate his website from what is stored at web.archive.org to provide a safe permanent haven for Jim’s work. By using a modern (wordpress) interface, all … Continue reading “Home”